Editorial Procedures

The intent of the editor has been to reproduce each immigrant account as faithfully as possible. Because the information gathered is in electronic format consisting of about 1,000 separate immigrant accounts, it has been necessary to adjust editorial procedures due to the size and scope of the data.

Spelling has been corrected and standardized for word search capabilities and readability. This includes ship and place names. Personal names have been left as they are found in the text with variations placed in brackets which immediately follow.

Capitalization has been standardized for readability.

Grammar and syntax have been retained in the original to help preserve the flavor of the writers.

Punctuation has been used in some measure to ensure readability.

Abbreviations are spelled out in most instances. However, common abbreviations have been retained as in the case of Dr., Mrs. or Mrs. as well as abbreviations for days and months.

Paragraph breaks have been used when there is a new date entry and when a paragraph occurs in the text. However, in some instances when a paragraph was exceptionally long, separate paragraph were added to help the reader.

Missing or illegible words have been identified by a dash for each word inside of brackets [-].

Ellipses have been added at the beginning and end of each document and internally when the document was not quoted in its entirety to ensure greater clarity.

"Sic" has been used to indicate a reduplication of words side by side, but not to identify misspelled words due to the fact that all of the spelling has been corrected.

Page numbering has been followed whenever it is provided in the various texts. However, when editorial pagination has occurred, the page number has put in bold.

Editorial comments have only been made in capital letters and in brackets to help separate editorial commentary from the text. UNCLEAR has been used to designate that although a word or sentence was legible, the meaning was unclear.